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Being the top 1 result in google... every person who looked up SEO online can tell you that it is a long and difficult way. This is why you don't have to do it yourself... Mediax can taker care of the search enigine optimization for you...

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Why is Having a SEO Strategy
Essential Nowadays?


Websites online
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Billion dolllars worldwide
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Having a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy is essential! 92% of traffic goes to Google’s first page results, optimising your website ranking will increase its visibility.

This is where we come in.

What we believe in

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Privacy of our customers is our main concern especially since your privacy also concerns your customers.
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Security is essential for our customers that is why we offer highly secure packages with the latest encryption technology.
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Sustainable, reliable, and renewable webhosting is one of the main ingredients of our philosophy.

"This is the reason why we decided to learn to code, design and choose our hosting solution ourselves"

"Mediax ensures a safe and
sustainable website
for or your business"

Professional Quality

Need a perfect website for your business?

Need a perfect website for your business? We can provide efficient, interactive and modern websites tailored to your needs and adapted to various devices to enable you to engage with your customers.

Responsive designs

Need a perfect website for your Restaurant?

Together, we will concoct a website that will leave your visitors
Dazzled Hungry Eager Impressed

Professional Quality

Want to set up an online shop?

Mediax can provide you with a responsive and attractive web solution for your business to grow.

Professional Quality

Need a perfect website for showcaseing your art?

Just as you design, model and then realise you art Mediax will design, model and realise and a beautiful website at the image of your art


Need a perfect website for you?

We can create a website that will make everybody eager to see more of you...